Birmingham City Hospital make their pledges!


With great thanks to Estelle Greenwood, Project Facilitator, Nursing Division (Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS trust ), Dianne and all the team for inviting Dementia Carer Voices to speak at Birmingham City Hospital, Dementia Theatre event held at the Wolfson Lecture Theatre. We had a great response before on our previous visit to Birmingham City Hospital so were looking forward to returning.

It was a very thought provoking and engaging day and a big thank you to all the team for the inspiring pledges, which can be viewed below:

My pledge is to listen and volunteer 1 hour a week of my time to care for someone with dementia – Sarah Salt

I won’t walk past distress from dementia outside of my consultancy room.

My pledge is to educate my team about caring for people with dementia – Evette

My pledge is to take more notice of the carers who we come into contact with – Olive Bates

My pledge is to play an important role in someone’s “Love Story” and take time to listen to their family and friends – Charlotte Street

I aim to recognise people as individuals with lives, loves and families – Karen Lewis

My pledge is to learn, understand and support – Tina

My pledge is to challenge others in my work place regarding openness with our patient carers.

My pledge is to ask the organisation to give free parking to the unpaid carers who come to my hospital to care for their loved ones – Clare Woodfield

My pledge is to make help for carers more commercial around the hospital and just to care – Janette Scott

My pledge is for the trust to bring together resources available to support patients and carers and for professionals to access – Deb Eden

My pledge is to listen and to care to get the basics right every time – Vikki Howard

My pledge is to educate undergraduate physio students and hospital physio`s on dementia care – Bethan Sykes

I pledge to ensure I improve people’s understanding of dementia.

My pledge is to be more caring, understanding and give more time to look after dementia patients and others their dignity cant.

My pledge is to always treat patients with respect and use effective care and help for families – Amy Ruston

My pledge is to understand organisations offering support in my area and how we can work with them.

My pledge is to ensure my wards/trust has contact details or a care directory for people and carers with dementia – Krys Stein

I pledge to focus my time and our organisation more on the support of carers families and friends – Toby Lewis

My pledge is to take more time and listen and understand – Carla

My pledge is to be more patient with people and understanding.

I pledge to act with dignity to all patients and carers.

I pledge to make a difference. Contact friend/carer who has dementia and maintain regular contact – Beverley Gordon

My pledge is to always giver heart-warming care to all patients and individuals I work with and alongside – Amy Pate

My pledge is to always treat people with dementia as “Human” with dignity and respect. And to think of how the condition impacts on carers and families – S.Williams

My pledge is to continue to be a friendly face and provide an ear to listen to those who need it. I will find out about local dementia support services to help connect patients and families with those who can help – Ellie Savage

My pledge is to find out more information for dementia patients and their families/carers show them there is help and not on their own – Sian Davies


  Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂 #makingadifference 

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