Dementia Carer Voices Visits University of Abertay

The Dementia Carer Voices team were delighted to return to the University of Abertay last week. As the very first stop on the Make a Difference tour where we gathered some wonderful pledges, it was brilliant to return and spread the message to this year’s first year students.

A big thank you to  Emma Lamont Lecturer SHS Division of Nursing & Counselling University of Abertay Dundee and Robin Ion a fellow lecturer for the  invite to speak, and a of course to all of the students for your pledges and input.


The day got off to a wonderful start, when Shelagh Creegan, the AHP lead from NHS Tayside, brought along the NHS Tayside AHP living tree, with some pledges the staff have made and some that they have fulfilled. It is inspiring to see how much the staff at NHS Tayside have taken the message of the campaign on board, and how seriously they have taken their pledge to make a difference in the lives of people with dementia and their carers. We are excited to hear about the difference that this has made, and are privileged to be with them on their journey.


The session that day was slightly different than other talks. The two hour session allowed for Tommy Whitelaw to give a talk based on his own personal experience of caring for his mum Joan, along with the experiences of those who have written to him. This was followed by a discussion about the talk  and key areas such as ‘Getting To Know Me’ and ‘The 5 Key Must Do Areas’initiative from Person Centred Scotland. It was amazing to see the new bonds forming between students through asking simple questions, which allowed people to share something about themselves as an individual. We hope that these future nurses will keep asking these types of questions, and were truly inspired at the commitment from them all – we’re sure they will make fantastic nurses! The pledges will be going up on Abertay’s very own pledge wall in the student area to display the pledges with pride, and hopefully even inspire other students to make their own pledge. You can read them all below.




A huge thank you to everyone involved – you can make a difference!


My pledge is to ensure that every person that I come into contact with feels that I have made a difference and contributed to their livelihood – Craig Sweeney

My pledge is to be there as a human with a listening and understanding ear for people with dementia – Kwame Antwi

My pledge is to always take the time to listen from the heart and always treat the person as an individual showing, respect, dignity and empathy – Erika Ross

My pledge is to go the extra mile.  Take time and stop to see how others (Family & Friends) are doing and remember the dementia isn’t the person behind it – Leia Reid

I want to improve and gain a better future for Mental Ill Health, by maintaining a longer life journey and their love stories – Amanda Vorster

I pledge to provide a high standard of care to the best of my ability and take time to understand and listen to an individual and their families.

My pledge is to care for my patient as I would like to be treated and how I would like my family to be treated, to listen and understand as much as possible – Meghann Stevenson

I pledge to truly listen to the person I care for and their carers and family, and to offer the best support to make them feel valued and cared for – Laura McKay

I hope to always have the time to listen, communicate and offer support to patients their carers and families – Ann

I pledge to keep the belief in the person I care for that they can still be all that they can be and to keep that belief in their heart – Kirsty Morton

My pledge is to listen to every individual that is in my care so they know they are not alone and to provide to the best of my ability a high standard of care – Becky Stevens

My pledge is to look at every patient as if they were on of my own.  You only want the best for the ones you love.  That way I can guarantee, even on a bad day, that every patient will get the best care I can give – Jessica Mooney

My pledge is to give the same standard of care to each person and try to understand and ease their distress – Andrew Baird

I pledge to always aim to learn and improve as a person, so that I can helps others – Aaron Williamson

My pledge is to listen, be compassionate, treat people with dignity and respect they deserve – Jennifer Jenkins

My pledge is to make people aware of dementia and the support available – Gemma Millar

My pledge is to see an improvement in the person centred care to people with dementia – Khobo

My pledge is to treat every patient with dignity and as an individual respecting their rights and view them as a person first and foremost – Mairi Handy

My pledge is to be the Nurse who treats everyone with respect and dignity.  To be the nurse who I would be happy with helping with my family.  To be the nurse who always puts her patients first – Hayley MacDonald

I pledge to be the reason someone didn’t give up – Kathryn Thurston

I pledge to listen and see the whole person, rather than their illness – Deji Adeleye

My pledge is to listen to the voices of people with dementia and the people affected.  To see the people affected as individuals – Meghan Hood

My pledge is to meet the needs of people with dementia and always ensure respect and dignity while caring – Clare

My pledge is to always listen to the individual and ensure I treat them the way I would want to be treated if it was them sitting speaking or caring for me – Meghan O`Donovan

My pledge is that I will look after and treat every patient with the care and respect I would expect any family member to receive.  I will also listen and respect everything they say – Sarah Shah

My pledge is to always treat and care for people, the way I would want my family to be treated and cared for – Kara Mitchell

I pledge to listen with open ears and do all I can to make a difference to each individual I work with – Aima MacDonald

I pledge to raise awareness, increase my knowledge and understanding and always to see the person not the dementia – Lindsay Main

I want to be the nurse/person that goes over and above her job/working hours to help others with my passion, knowledge and experience – Morgan Gillespie

I pledge to always keep the persons spirits high, and to always listen.  No matter how hard dementia tries to fight against that – Hannah West

My pledge is to inspire and educate everyone I meet about dementia by using the humanistic approach, centring on the individual – Nicola Henderson

I pledge to make a difference in a positive way to every individual I care for whether that be patient / carer or family.  Listening is key and giving time and compassion is priceless – Kimberley Chesney

My pledge is that …to see the patient as an individual and engage in conversation with them, especially talking about their past – Sumiyah







Massive thanks to Abertay University for starting a pledge wall for all students to support our campaign after Tommy`s talk #proudteam #makingadifference


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