More Pledges!

Good Morning Everyone,

Last week was a busy week for Dementia Carer Voices with our Parliamentary Exhibition.  Keep a look out for that blog post this week.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us a pledge via twitter, email and at events with the team.  It is great to see people sending us pledges to make that small change to make a big difference to someone`s life.  Whether they are living with dementia, a long term condition or a carer.  It is with great pleasure that the team display the pledges for everyone to read and get some inspiration.







My pledge is to seek more knowledge and understanding around dementia, its management and supporting groups – Teresa Swan 

My pledge is to continue to put patients at the center of care and to always doing something extra, however small, to make a difference – Suzanne McArthur 

I pledge that I will through my training encourage all to understand and have great awareness about Dementia – I will make a difference – Chris Elsley


If you too would like to make a pledge sent it to or DM @dementiacarervo


photo 28


Thank you team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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