Warwick University make their pledges


Last week Tommy visited Warwick University and was invited to speak at the Complementary & Volunteer Therapists Conference.  The themes of this years conference were Dementia and Caring.

Big thank you to Ann Goddard, Complementary Therapy Coordinator from Coppice Centre for kindly inviting Dementia Carer Voices.  It was a great honour for Tommy to share his story of his beautiful mum Joan.

Laura, Sarah and Irene would like to dedicate this post today in loving memory of Joan Whitelaw, on the anniversary of her passing.  Tommy`s drive and determination to share his story in the hope to help or change someone`s life is something to be admired.  Dementia took over Tommy and Joan`s life but with the team sharing sources of help and information, we can only hope no one else get`s to that crisis point in life.  With all the pledges we have received so far that small change can make a big difference and Warwick University were not different.


Big thanks to everyone from the University for their pledges this can only mean good things for people with dementia and their carers.

 My pledge is:-

“To promote your inspirational talk around dementia and share your links to fellow complementary therapists”.

 “To provide complementary therapies to people with dementia and their families using Nicolette’s Aromatic research.

 “To promote being a Dementia Friend”.  – Gaenor.

My pledge is to offer complementary therapies to all dementia patients and their carers who attend the hospice – Chris West

My pledge is to be enable all volunteer therapists working at Primrose Hospice to access training and to support them as they make a difference to people living with dementia – Ann Goddard

My pledge is to firmly establish one day per week (Fri or Tue) @ Hartington Hospice day centre for Dementia sufferers allowing their carers some respite. Me time to include free complementary therapies if required – Julie Tomkins

My pledge is to write and thank those health professionals (a total of 3) who were always at the end of the phone or would come and see us, however late it got, whenever we reached crisis point when caring for dad to let them know they made a difference – Joan

My pledge is to show my mum how very much loved she is at every opportunity I can. Mum was diagnosed with a mixed dementia in November 2012 – Ann Goddard

My pledge is to stop and `listen` to be more enquiring about the `real` person in front of me – Charlotte McDowell

I pledge to remain as passionate in my work as you are today – even when I am tired – Sasa

My pledge is to be part of someone`s love story, to help make it better and be there – Frances

My family and I are joint carers of our mother who has dementia, I will share with them your website and campaign and also encourage them to become dementia friends – Debbie

I pledge to touch more carers through complementary therapies – Pauline Burdsall

Tommy Whitelaw-JG

In Loving memory of Joan Whitelaw

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