Glasgow School of Nursing make pledges



Great thanks to Jane Joy, Senior Lecturer Glasgow University School of Nursing and staff for the invite to speak earlier today at a nurse development day.  A big thank you to all who took time to attend and for making their pledge to Dementia Carer Voices. You can view the pledges below from today and a few online.

Remember you can send us your pledge to or DM @dementiacarervo

My pledge is to increase my awareness and my work colleagues of dementia and how it impacts the whole family – Pauline Mulgrew

My pledge is to try and make our ward a more relative friendly environment and support them and their loved ones whilst under my care – Jacqueline Johnston

My pledge is to find out who you are/were and take time to do this with every client – Jo-Anne Brown

My pledge is to make a difference in my ward by ensuring every visitor gets information they need about dementia – Rosie Moffat

My pledge is to take more time with each patient, get to know them and their families’ even better – Jayne

I pledge no matter how busy our clinic is I will take the time to get to know my dementia patients and carers and make everyone safe, cared for and listened too – Angela Rankin

I pledge I will be a dementia champion in my kirk session of the Church of Scotland, by providing “dementia awareness” training – Alison McMenemie

My pledge is to raise awareness of all forms of dementia in my clinical area, and within my family and friends – Robert Leggatt

My pledge is to continue to support both my patients and their carers from receiving diagnosis of dementia and the process of living with it.

I pledge I will stop and listen to concerns and worries from cares and do everything in my power to help – Susan Scott

My pledge is to offer more support to families who are affected with dementia, and inform my colleagues of spending time with patients and families – Kevin McClafferty

My pledge is to engage and involve family and cares in the persons care as they wish – Heather Thomson

My pledge is to ensure everyone within my working environment becomes knowledgeable, fully respects the difficulties encountered by patients and carers dealing with dementia and open their eyes to the people they are caring for – Angela Thomson

I pledge to help promote and understand better the issues faced by individuals with dementia and listen to them and their families and those supporting their care – Richard Pierce, Senior HR Manager, Leeds Teaching Hospitals.

Heal the whole of me pledges to do its very best to continue providing information for carers of those with dementia as well as for those with dementia themselves. We will continue to gather information collaboratively, engaging with as many stakeholders as we can to produce information that is reliable, relevant and responsible.  We will continue to forge strong relationships with providers of services to ensure that the information people have is the information they need and want and not what is chosen for them – Jude Clarke, Manager, Heal The Whole of Me CIC


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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2 comments on “Glasgow School of Nursing make pledges
  1. […] Tommy has had the great honour of speaking at the University a few times before including being a guest speaker a few weeks ago at a Staff Nurse Development Day.  The post from that event can be viewed here. […]

  2. […] Tommy has the great honour of speaking at the University a few times before including being a guest speaker at Staff Nurse Development Days. […]

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