Update on Pledges: How are you getting on?

We launched the ‘You Can Make a Difference’ Campaign in February of this year and it has been so inspiring to see it grow. Tommy Whitelaw has given over 100 talks already this year, with 170 scheduled in total, and we wanted to really thank those who have gotten involved and made it all possible.

The talks involve  Tommy sharing his own personal experiences from caring and the experiences of others who have written to him since he went on tour in 2011, to help people understand some of the issues that carers face, and what we can all do to help overcome these issues.

We are delighted to be able to say that we have gathered around 1500 pledges now, and each one represents the impact that can be made by each and every individual. If you made a pledge within the first few months of our campaign, we would love to hear how you have been getting on: What difference has it made? Has it been hard to fulfill? What have you learned from the experience?

We’ve put together a very short questionnaire which should only take a couple of minutes to fill in, but would be invaluable to us to showcase the difference that we can all make, so please do fill it in if you can.

Thank you again to all of you who have made a pledge, who have attended one or more talks, and who have shared our campaign online and in person. Let’s keep making a difference.

Team Dementia Carer Voices

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