Crossreach Dementia Ambassador Awards

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Tommy was very honored to be made an honorary Crossreach Dementia Ambassador and handed out certificates to celebrate the new ambassadors on Friday 29th August in Perth.

With great thanks to Linda Kelly Dementia Development Officer and the team at Crossreach for the kind invite to speak at Dementia Ambassadors Celebration.

The conference was to celebrate the work that the Dementia Ambassadors do within the services and the organisation.  This role is a voluntary role and is in all Crossreach older person services.

This was also recognised by the SSSC earlier this month and they are the first organisation to make the commitment of one or more ambassadors in each service.

As always team Dementia Carer Voices would like to thank those who took the time to make a pledge and a commitment to making that small change to make a big difference to people and families in their care.

My pledge is to be sensitive, understanding and always looking to help and give advice to cares and people with a diagnosis of dementia.

My pledge is to do all I can to achieve the best care for everyone who encounters dementia – Liz Shields

I pledge to do everything in my power to listen to carers and sufferers alike and hope I would make a difference in someone’s life even if it is for 5mins – Joyce Campbell

I pledge to try and help someone with dementia smile and live their life to the full and take time to listen – Jane Sutherland

I pledge never to let anyone I know who`s caring for or has dementia feel alone – Jane Scott

I pledge to inspire others, friends, family and colleagues to be more informed in supporting carers – Catherine Blair

To be all I can be to the best of my ability with God always at the centre – Maisie Davidson

To do all I can that is possible to make living with dementia better – Christine Smillie

To take time to listen – Ann Reid

When I meet a family member who is bringing a relative for an admission, I will remember Tommy`s story – Stewart Hayton

By being a dementia ambassador and deputy manager of a dementia care home I will ensure I support families as well as the person who has been diagnosed – Margaret-Ann McNaught


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