DCV visits Care Staff at North Ayrshire Council

Great thanks to Tony Fisher from North Ayrshire Council for the invite to speak at the Care at Home and Telecare event to front line staff event on Tuesday 26th August in the Ardeer Community Centre in Stevenston.

The event was attended and addressed by Councillor Robert Steel who is the Carers Champion in North Ayrshire.  Staff also heard presentations on the Dementia Support Services, Engagement with service users and Telecare.

You can get more info on the great work North Ayrshire Dementia support services do here

Please read the pledges we received at the event:

I pledge I will try my very best to support people to remain at home for longer and ensure they are given the highest quality of support – Kerry Rennie

I will try and care for dementia sufferers to the best of my ability with my training and understanding of this illness – Heather Gourlay

To listen to service users and family to reassure and resource the relevant information and help – Jan

To listen more deeply to service users and carers, try to help prevent crisis situations and to make life brighter and lighten time – Fiona O`Pray

To use my knowledge while studying Social Care and donate to charity – Donna Morrison

Help to improve the support network for carers – Robert Steel

I pledge to carry on bringing my boys up to respect their elders to educate them about difficulty’s which may arise as we get older and also to continue to care for significant others to a high standard – Carolann McCrum

To always try and think how a person with dementia is feeling – Elizabeth Dunne

To really try and listen.

Raise Money for a dementia charity – Julie Topping

photo 5 photo 4 photo 2 photo 1


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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