DCV meets Occupational Therapy Team in South Ayrshire


Today Dementia Carer Voices spoke to the Occupational Therapy Team in South Ayrshire, with great thanks to Kerry Walker Occupational Therapy Team Leader at South Ayrshire Council for the kind invite and Occupational Therapy assistants for the local authority based at South Ayrshire Council.

This was part of the tour with NHSAA and big thanks to Janice McAllister, Dementia Nurse Consultant for coming along to give support and advice.

Here are some of the pledges made today along with a few photos.  If you would like to make a pledge you can by emailing makeadifference@alliance-scotland.org.uk

Thank you

Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

My pledge is to always do my best and take the time and not to rush.  Imagine it’s your mum – Angela MacDonald

Help raise awareness of dementia and the impact it has on families/friends.

I pledge to take the time to listen to the families I meet and do my best to help them get the care and support they deserve – Karen Walker

I pledge to raise awareness of dementia within Home Care Team meetings – Maureen Hogg

I pledge to look further beyond the surface when I meet with families of people with dementia to ensure they are coping – Deborah Hobbs

I pledge to ensure everyone we care for with dementia and memory issues are supported with their own “Getting to know me” – Julie Strang

I pledge to spend more time on the person and carer than sitting in front of the computer – Linda Taylor

I pledge to spend more time with carers, just listening, instead of trying to provide solutions.

I pledge to make a difference to people who need that difference made – Jacqeline McConnachie

I pledge to provide contact for the carers for advice, signposting and service provision in OT and other aspects of care – Kirsty Nicholson

I pledge to listen, to hear and to see what is being said.  What is needed and what has not been said – Gillian Griffin

I pledge to listen carefully to my clients and take a holistic approach when assessing their situation – Lorna Farquharson

I pledge to try my best to ensure that I always spend the time to listen to the individual and their carer and identify what it is they need me to do to support them – Lilian Martin

I pledge to treat all my clients and carers with the upmost dignity and respect for them as individuals – Brain Macrorie


photo 1 photo 2 photo

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One comment on “DCV meets Occupational Therapy Team in South Ayrshire
  1. Manjit Kaur says:

    A brilliant article! Please contact me m.kaur@closerstillmedia.com – The Occupational Show

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