July online pledges

Special thanks to everyone who has made a pledge so far.  Here are some pledges that have been sent in.  Keep them coming as we all want to make that small change to make a difference and brighten up someone’s day.

If you would like to send us your pledge emails us at makeadifference@alliance-Scotland.org.uk or tweet us @dementiacarervo


Team Dementia Carer Voices

I pledge to go and visit or call someone I know every week that lives alone and is isolated due to physical disabilities. Whenever I am waiting for something to start or for an appointment I go through my phone and send texts asking my friends how they are doing and if they are sick or feeling down I make sure I find the time to go and see them. Lisa Jones

Tommy I promise to promote your example in my daily life and in my placements as a student nurse. Chris

I pledge with all my heart to support the person and their family. By listening and the knowledge I have learned can hopefully help them to understand. Lorna

I pledge to recognise the importance of every individual, and what a privilege it is to hear peoples’ stories.  I promise to be kind to everyone I speak to and to try to find a way to help, even if it’s just a listening ear. Sarah McDermott

@richgreenwood: @tommyNtour I pledge to try & ensure I make a positive difference to dementia sufferers Even if it is just making them smile once in a while





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