BCDA Birmingham – Dementia Masterclass – Make A Difference Pledges #MakingADifference

Last week Tommy was invited by Lisa and the team from BCDA Birmingham to give a “Make a Difference talk” at the Drum Potters Lane were the talk was open to all.
Tommy was a guest speaker earlier this year at a dementia awareness event by the team and was delighted to be invited back to speak again.

The audience was a great mix of Health and Social Care Professionals, carers, families and volunteers it was also lovely to meet in person a few people (Denise and Kim) who tommy has got to know through twitter for quite some time now.

A big thank you to all the team from BCDA and to all who took time to attend for the opportunity and kindness.

You can view the pledges below along with some photos from the day and information on the work BCDA do at the link here bcda.learningpool.com

Thank you

Team Dementia Carer Voices


I pledge to give more time and listen to everyone I meet.

I pledge to gather as much info as possible on dementia and to be on the lookout for people in my community who may need help and support.  I am a full time carer but I will look out for other people.

I pledge to continue to listen and always try and help, however small, to whoever I meet, to show that they are valued in what they do.  I will continue to provide practical and emotional support – Elizabeth

My pledge is to put resources together to be able to support and facilitate better lifestyle for people with dementia – Albert

I pledge to continue my passionate commitment to treating people with love, respect and dignity at all times, even if others don’t.  Light must shine – Jane

I will ensure that the care staff I work with learn about dementia and how to care for those who have dementia to the required standard.  Treating service users as individuals, with respect, dignity, value them for who they are, promoting independence and their rights and choices, to provide both physical and mental support and for their cares also.  Be a good listener and more.  I pledge I willmake a difference by offering my ears, shoulder for support, and to provide practical support to anyone I know, meet with dementia but just as important their carers – Sue Hughes.

I pledge to watch all the videos and get to meet these wonderful people who Tommy told us about today.  Also to find out as much as I can to help people with this frightening diagnosis – Sharon

I pledge to continue caring and supporting the people I meet on my journey.  Continue to value and love and improve people’s lives – Sonia

I pledge to leave here today and be proactive in ensuring that every person I come in contact with who has dementia receives care with dignity, respect and love – Caroline

I pledge to improve my quality of interactions with the people I visit in the community and residential/nursing homes and their families and to support them with whatever is available to make their lives fulfilling as much as possible.

I pledge to value human life and to be more companionate to be more supportive in my community in my job role as a support worker.  To be more caring and understanding of dementia sufferers.

I pledge to listen more supportively to people who are caring for loved ones with dementia – Helen

I promise to: listen and help my neighbour when her husband’s illness becomes more advanced and she and her family find it more difficult to cope – Anthea

I pledge to be more loving and caring with people with dementia.  Thanks for the information that I have received.

My pledge: to spend more time with my mother.  Treasure our time together.  To listen and value what is said.

I pledge that as a social worker I continue to increase my knowledge, awareness and understanding of dementia issues and how this impacts on citizens and families/carers.  If there is something I do not understand about dementia and the symptoms which impact on people I will continue to research this in order to try and make a difference when carrying but the nest assessment.

I pledge to give individuals time and work in a person centred approach.  Do things with people not to people.

My pledge to spend more time and support people who have dementia and their carers.  I do love people and will continue to provide caring and sharing information.  I pledge to be more informative and giving people more support and give a hand on their shoulder to make their loves easier and showing respect and dignity.

I pledge to listen more attentively to those fellow human beings who appear to be slower in speech or difficult in some way – Tess

I pledge to make sure that the person “is heard” what they want is carried out – Denise

I would like to include Tommy`s films in induction training, so staff can meet these people and understand their stories and hopefully act and react.

I pledge to continue to share my dad’s story to encourage both ordinary folk and professionals to be open and de-stigmatise dementia.

I pledge to listen and to be more patient with the people I come across in my working and professional life who have dementia – Tilly

I pledge to be supportive and take the time to stop and listen and hear what needs to be said by the individuals and their families/carers.

I pledge to actively listen and support in any way I can.

I pledge to support carers to learn and develop their skills about dementia and share experience and knowledge with others to make someone’s life easier.

Consider the needs of others and mention dementia every day to someone I meet, explain to them how they can help.

I pledge to listen and five support to people with dementia and their families.

I would remember every day to be kind and understanding to a person.  Treat them as individuals with respect and dignity.

Respect the person with dementia.

Always remember the person!  Don’t be afraid to love and care.

Change and Challenge

I pledge to become more informed so that I can inform people. I also pledge to be a better more compassionate practitioner – S.White

To give reassurance, time and compassion.

I pledge to pass on things that I learnt from Tommy to others as his story is an inspiration. Thank you you`re are a star.

I pledge to give support, care and help and most of all to have patients to listen…

I pledge to listen more and also to have more patience to learn more about dementia and to share it with others.

My pledge is to spend more time telephoning, listening to my mother and to make her laugh.

To treat everyone the best you possibly can as you never know how your care and kindness can make someone feel better for that day or a long time – Jade Scott

I will listen and support and try to understand – Pat Naples

I will strive to be that hand on someone’s shoulder – Jacqui








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2 comments on “BCDA Birmingham – Dementia Masterclass – Make A Difference Pledges #MakingADifference
  1. Kim says:

    Was lovely to meet Tommy at last, but also to be amongst so many who were so passionate about caring for others.
    Tommy’s message was clear – we can ALL make a difference 🙂

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