Tommy invited to speak at Salford University

Thanks to some very passionate students, Tommy was invited to speak at Salford University on Tuesday of this week. The Dementia Carer Voices team were all delighted to hear that the twitter petition started by students Paula, Gemma, Rachael and Ruth to get Tommy to speak as part of their course at Salford University was successful, and would like to say a very big, and very sincere thank you.

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Tommy met these passionate students at the Manchester NHS Expo, where they heard him speak and wanted to share this with their fellow students. Neil Whitnell, the Programme Leader for the pre-registration Diploma/BSc Ordinary Degree in Mental Health Nursing at the University was fantastic and organised the event, which was facilitated by Tony Warne and Julie Ray. A massive thank you to both the students and the staff at Salford University for coming together to make a difference.

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I pledge to be a nurse who listens to families who are affected by dementia. I will always ask ‘What can I do? How can I help?’ and take action.  Carlie O’Hara

I pledge to take time and listen; always remembering the person they used to be.

I pledge that the person and their lives are recognised and not just dementia.  Stephanie Hartley

To listen and take the time to care. Find out what is important to that person. Claire Parry

I pledge to be a nurse that not only supports patients, but cares and supports the family members and friends who need it. Emily Penders

I pledge to be a nurse and commit my life to caring and making a difference in people’s lives.  Katy Owen.

I am going to find local dementia centre and offer time each month to support by listening and being a social work consultant.  Donna Peach

Always ask what scares you most? – Lecturer at Salford University

I pledge to ask my future patients and their carers how they are and how I can make their day better. As an occupational therapist, I also pledge to understand how the daily activities they do make a difference and so what I can to enhance their lives.  David Parkinson

My pledge is to treat my patients how I wanted my Gran to be treated. To offer support, care and listen to those carers as I would have liked my family to have been supported. But from here on to help advocate and bring awareness to how difficult it is to care for someone with dementia.  Gemma Knox

I pledge to ask people living with dementia and/or their carers are you ok? How can I help? Danielle Stott

I pledge to try and make a difference for all patients, their carers and family that I meet. To improve their situation any way I can.  Kathryn Whiteley

Ensure I give EVERYONE the opportunity to ask, share, learn and feel.

Ensure that I ask “What can I do to make it better for you today?” Emma Lees

I will raise awareness of dementia at every opportunity- Lorraine Lines

My pledge to any patient and family living with dementia is to always show compassion, care and to always listen!! And I will always place my hand on their shoulder to show how much I care. Sarah Heath

I pledge to take the time to listen to people who are living with dementia and their families and carers. I pledge to treat people living with dementia as the people they used to be, not the person dementia has made them out to be.  Jessica Hamer

I am studying to be a Mental Health Nurse in the hope of working with patients with dementia. My pledge is to always listen to the patients, their carers and families and to find out who the person was before and how I can help them.  Hannah Seed

I pledge to never see a dementia patient as ‘challenging’ and as them ‘How can I help you?’  Rebecca Geary

I pledge to become a dementia champion and use my increased understanding to support people with dementia, their families and carers and encourage others to do the same. Laura Platt

I pledge to treat all patients with dignity and try to be as good as the district nurse was to you. Aimee Butler

To be ‘that’ community nurse that came and supported you and took the time to support you whilst caring for your precious mum. Rachael Collett.

I pledge to treat people as I would like to be treated. I’d give the respect and care that I’d expect my family to receive and to adhere to that every day.

I pledge to ensure that I treat all people with dementia with care and respect: remembering that they are individuals with unique and valid life stories and experinces. I also pledge to ensure that I provide the same care and treatment as their carers, and provide them with a safe forum in which they feel heard.

I pledge to continue to strive for people with dementia to be treated as individuals.

I pledge to continue to care and help people with problems as best I can and especially to LISTEN.

I pledge to provide excellent care by listening to people, acting on my promises and empowering people in whatever way I can.   Ann Telese

To take more time out to care for my dad with vascular dementia.  Lisa

To always listen and hear and never act in a judgemental manner. To be the nurse who makes a difference and never forget why I wanted to become a nurse.  Cheryl Doyle

To listen, to hear, to help and to always make a difference no matter how small.  Emma

I pledge not to approach my patients the way they have been described to me but to find out for myself. Therefore, I will engage and listen to my patients in order to work with them on their dreams, hopes ad  opportunities.   Stephanie Goenka

I pledge to do my best to get to know everyone that I get in contact with, if that’s a patient, client, carer or family. I will explore skills and values into helping people who have dementia. Liam Slater

To treat the person with dementia as the person they used to be, and to ask the carer ‘How can I help you?’ Penny Fawthrop

To treat people as unique individuals, and never define them as their illness. Sophie Howarth

I pledge to listen to people’s stories, find out what is important to the person and their families, and to acknowledge how much suffering loneliness causes. Sarah-Jayne

I will listen and I will try to help. I will care. I will try to respect the person they were and the person they are and ask myself and their carers what would they have chosen to do/what would they have likes before the dementia happened? Hayley Weatherilt

I pledge not to be scared of dementia, of talking and discussing dementia and of people suffering from dementia anymore.  Melanie Sutcliffe

I pledge to share the knowledge I have gained today with people less educated about dementia to raise awareness. I will also care, listen and speak to carers and people with dementia who need help.  Caine Oates

My pledge is to ensure that I will ask the question “What can I do to make you smile today?” Claire Hornigold

My pledge is to always introduce myself to the person with dementia, and to always ask how the carer is doing, or if there is anything I can do.  Sarah Fielding

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