Care Inspectorate Pledges to Make a Difference

Dementia Carer Voices were pleased to attend the Care Inspectorate’s Conference in May, where Tommy was invited to speak to delegates about the You Can Make a Difference Campaign. This resulted in a number of pledges you can read below, from staff from the Care Inspectorate.

Make a pledge about dementia

Building on this, the Care Inspectorate have launched a new website page to encourage people to make a pledge to make a difference in the lives of those affected by dementia.  The Care Inspectorate has already gathered a number of moving pledges from staff members, and are asking everyone involved in health and social care to make a promise to improve the lives of those the meet.  They have also now launched their new ‘Knowledge Hub‘, which is a fantastic source of information for those affected by dementia, which Elaine Samson wrote a viewpoint blog for Dementia Carer Voices when it went live last month.

A big thank you to Heather Edwards, Karen Anderson, Lindsey Muir and all the team at the Care Inspectorate.  We are privileged to be a part of all of this, and to see so many people pledging to make a difference.

I pledge to ensure you are at the heart of everything I do when leading my team.  Every day I will make a conscious effort to engage with one of you and that will remind me why I am working with people living with dementia on a daily basis.  To always keep you at the forefront of everything I do when leading my team – Rosemary McCrae

I pledge to be a good listener – Clara Mackenzie

My pledge is to listen to what they have to say about the type of support they aspire to have.  To work alongside people with dementia and their carers to assist them to receive the supports they need – Lynn Laughland

I pledge to be the best carer I can be always to listen carefully and imagine, this could be me and spend time.  But always seeing things from a positive attitude – Maisie Davidson

As a carer provider I promise to love you for being you.  I am willing to go the journey with you, living life to the full making every moment count.  I will assist to keep you at home even to the very end.  Help keep your hopes and dreams alive.  Be your voice when you can no longer do that for yourself and be a mediator on the professional panel to maintain best practice, you dignity and respect – Janet Campbell

I pledge to listen, support, provide knowledge, provide activities, communicate, provide one on one care if require, keep them safe and well, provide dignity and respect, provide advocacy. Maintain an accurate person centred care plan with regular reviews, prevent anxiety, keep active, provide respite, show emotion and give love – Catherine McQueen

I pledge that the people in our care home and their families and cares are always shown love and compassion and treated with the greatest respect – Kay Bell

I pledge I will open my ears, my eyes, my arms and my heart – Dana Lord

I pledge to ensure my staff is at least “dementia informed” and far better if at all possible.  To support every individual I meet with my own experience, skills and knowledge – Angela Montgomery

I pledge to work timelessly to ensure out workers see the person and understand what it feels like to have someone rely on “you” for a good quality lie and love story. I pledge to make a difference in the training that staff receives.

I pledge to enrol my time that I may have to help in whatever way I could; I offer myself and experiences to make a difference – Yvonne Graham

I pledge to always work hard to ensure that everyone I care for is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve – Linda Mackenzie

I pledge to care for my clients in a way which protects their dignity and feelings and to pay attention to the small details which are huge ones to them – Angela McGee

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  1. […] Irene and Tommy attended the Care Inspectorate annual conference earlier this year where Tommy was one of the guest speakers you can read the pledges from the day here […]

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