University of Abertay – Year 3 Adult Nursing Students 20th May 2014

A big thank you to Sheila, Robin & the 3rd year Nursing Students at Abertay University.
Special thanks to Robin Ion Leader/Lecturer SHS Division of Nursing & Counselling University of Abertay Dundee for the invite to speak to the students, it was a great opportunity and privilege.
We have received a lot of pledges from the university and the team would like to thank those who have pledged to make a difference to the patients they will meet in their careers.
Here are the pledges #proud #makingadifference

I pledge to listen and try to understand the person they were before and what I can do now to encourage and assist in dementia care – Jordan Christie

I pledge to make a difference as the future nurse to listen to the carers and patient.  To give them the best support and care they needed and not to make them ever feel isolated – Jennifer

I pledge to see the person and not the illness, and to try my best to make their day easier, even if this is just lending a listening ear and asking are they coping.  To inform other that dementia is the illness, but that individual is still a person – Kate Procter

I pledge to always find out more about the patients preference with regards to their carer, as a male student I always ask if they mind if I help them prior to commencing personal hygiene but never thought to ask with regards to other aspects of their care.  This applies to both males and females whereas I used to only ask females – Craig Wallace

I pledge to remember the importance of the person and the life they have led.  To remember that although the people who look after patients are carers, they also have lives, interests and relationships that they have needs as well.  To take the time to listen even though we are busy, that every conversation can change someone’s life – Gemma Adam

I pledge to be that person who listens and puts a hand on your shoulder and says “I am here for you” – Siobhan

I pledge to always offer support and guidance in any way I can, but to also be a listener, a friend, a shoulder to cry on and to be an advocate for anyone that needs me.  To remember the patient I am looking after is a person, not a condition/illness – Leigh Adams

I pledge to take time to get to know people with dementia and their carers, also to be a shoulder they can turn to when at time it gets too much for them.   All people with dementia need to be treated as individual not a stigma – Summer Toner

I pledge to listen with open ears and open heart.  I pledge to support the family and friends of patients suffering from dementia.  I pledge to give the best possible care that I can to be able to fulfil their needs and support them – Tina Israel

I pledge to listen to what the person has to say, and take time to understand exactly what I can do to help – Emma Smith

I pledge to make sure that people with dementia and their carers are included in all decisions about their care and are given help to make their lives east as possible – Lara Bryce

I pledge to listen to people and their carers!  I also pledge to ask what matters to them and how I can make a difference – Nicola Parry

I pledge to remember everyone has a love story! – Ashley Goodall

I pledge to give a human ear to listen.  Provide care and compassion through a patient centred approach to care – Cheryl McDill

I pledge to always give people the chance to talk to me and take the time to get to know them and the ones they love and to grow to care for and love them individually, regardless of their difficulties – Morgan Whiteley

I pledge to always treat the individual as a person, not an individual with dementia.  I pledge to be supportive and listen to carers and their needs.  I pledge to make a difference in their lives no matter how big or small – Jillian Milne

I pledge that as a nurse I will make time to listen to the family and cares of those with dementia, and also care for the patients with dementia whilst maintaining their quality of life as far as possible – Claire Waddell

I pledge to be supportive, caring and compassionate – Angela McAdam

I pledge to take the time to learn about the person and listen to their concerns, and be that person who makes a difference – Alana Semple

I pledge to take the time to talk to the individuals I am caring for and learn about their wishes, life and the aspects of care that they find important for their day to day life to provide person-centred care for everyone I care for – Laura Alton

I will try my best in the future if I have the opportunity to do it to the best of my ability and offer them support they need, the compassion and love they need because that will be the way I would like to get any closer which will make a difference in my life – Marie

I pledge to people with dementia and their carers through being empathetic and an advocate to their needs and anything that I could possibly do and try to direct them to the night multidisciplinary team to help their needs – Lanie

I pledge to never give up on dementia patients and to always give hope to their carers, families and friends – Nikki Williams



Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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