Person-Centred Health & Care Collaborative Learning Session 4 at the SECC on 27th & 28th May.

Dementia Care Voices were invited to have a stand at Person-Centred Health & Care Collaborative Learning Session 4 at the SECC on 27th & 28th May.  It was a great two days showcasing our “You can make a difference” campaign.  Big thanks to everyone who came to our stand and chatted with the team.

We met a lot of people who were on board with our campaign.  Massive thanks to those who took the time to make a pledge and if you didn’t get the chance to then you can send them to

A little change could make a big impact to someone living with a long term condition and their carers, family and friends.

Here are the pledges from the two days and some photos of the event and people we met along the way.



I pledge to work with my national colleagues to make tomorrow better for people with dementia and their carers through our improvement work – Lesley White, Scottish Government

I pledge to drive forward awareness raising and ensure person centred approaches and network is in place across NHS Highland.  Also will try to persuade the organisation of the value of mindfulness in helping staff and patients to stay well – Viv Hamilton

I pledge to listen and to be present – Hugh McCann

My mum has recently be diagnosed with dementia – I am going to start putting her playlist together now – Linda Oldroyd

I pledge to listen to patients and people who matter to them.  Always have a person centred approach.

I pledge to include people with dementia and their carers and value them more to actively seek carer involvement and to support this.

I pledge to implement a dementia friendly within ED and emergency care unit in Wishaw General Hospital.

I pledge to take more consideration of the impact on carers and children and to ensure this is included in AHP processes within acute hospital settings – Christine Steel 
I pledge to make a difference in any way I can 🙂 – Chris Hodge , purple angel ambassador Wrexham





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