DCV attends Scottish Practice Nurse Association Conference 14th May 2014



It is with great thanks to Alison Tait, Gill Dennes, Fiona Paterson, committee members from Scottish Practice Nurses Association and to everyone who attended for the kind invite so speak at their annual conference on May 14th 2014.

It was a great experience for the team to learn more about the work the Scottish Practice Nurses do.  Big thanks to Alison for look after Tommy on the day and for the lovely flowers/gift for the new `Joan Whitelaw Reminiscence Room` recently unveiled in Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.


Here are some of the amazing personal pledges made on the day:


I pledge to see people as people who have a life past and present and to listen, care and understand and to hopefully make a difference no matter how small – Ruth Cavanagh

I pledge that to the best of my ability I will always be that nurse that remembers what a difference I can make to the carer and cared for by taking time to listen – Maureen McDougall

I pledge to do my best for every patient and their family every time.

I hope to always try to listen, follow through and care to the best of my abilities, for each and every one of those who`s paths I cross.  Also to make myself available to those who have not yet crossed my path in life – Shona

I pledge to really listen with an open heart and respond with care.

I pledge, I will be there at patient’s weakest time.

I know from personal experience as my dad was terminally ill, his condition deteriorating slowly but surely from living disease.  I pledge to use that year’s emotional rollercoaster to make a difference to my patients.

I pledge to listen to every story, every narrative or love story as if it were the first, treat it with the dignity and respect it deserves.

I pledge to make time to really listen to my patients and their family.  I also pledge to do everything in my power to change people’s lives – Nicole Lee

I promise to show love, compassion and give a listening ear to those who need it, want it, require it.

I pledge to be more diligent when seeing patients and to ASK better questions, to help identify needs.  Once I identify needs I promise to address those needs as best I can.

I promise to be the “human listening, understanding ear” every time – Pauline

I pledge to make sure someone with dementia is not turned away if they miss the appointment and come at the wrong time or day.

I pledge to take that extra 5 minutes to explain local services are available for cares and the patient who needs that care.

I pledge that I will always take time to listen.

I pledge to look out for friends and loved ones by sending a text to let them know I am there.

I pledge to listen and try and look at the bigger picture.

I pledge to always look at the bigger picture.  Active listening and treat patients as you would wish to be treated yourself – Nick, Receptionist.

Yes it can get busy.  But I pledge to help anyone that comes in that has maybe lost their way – Denise C, Receptionist.

I pledge to listen and offer advice and support and sign post.

I will always endeavour to be like the district nurse who you described in your talk today.

I pledge to treat patients the way I would want my parents to be treated.

I pledge to never forget why I came into nursing, to care for patients.

I pledge to keep listening and to try and make a difference even in the short time they are with me.

I pledge to always make myself available to patients with dementia and carers.  Or at least give them a call on the same day when I am free.

I pledge to always ask both patients and carers if there is ANYTHING else that I can help with.

I pledge to remember why I started all this and listen every day.

I pledge as a mum, wife, daughter and nurse to always take the time to listen, care and love.

I pledge to really listen to what people are asking for and do what I can to help deliver that.

I pledge to ask, listen, support and care.

I pledge to make a note when ordering tests for people with memory problems and get in touch with them if they do not call back – GP Gregor

If I am made aware that any dementia carer needs assistance, I will do my almost to provide advice and support – Jill Calder, Practice Nurse

I pledge to open notes of patients >65 who DNA and if history of dementia or another DNA phone or write to them to make appointment review – GP Jenny

I think that not enough thought and understanding id given to the carer whose whole life is turned upside down, at the same time we have to dementia that the person suffering with the illness is still the person we love and patience and tolerance is very important.






Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂










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