Sunshine House in Wigan – Supporting Making a Difference

Thank you so much to Barbara Nettleson and the wonderful team from Sunshine House in Wigan, for the most wonderful day of community awareness and togetherness.

Also a big thank you Bernie Hollywood, Chris, Jayne, the Alzheimer Association and to every singe person who attended.

Here are the pledges collected from everyone at Sunshine House #makingadifference #people #community


I pledge to make everyone who I meet and are involved with, awareness and understanding about dementia.


I pledge to try and take away the fear.


I pledge that I will make more of an effort and not to be afraid of anyone with dementia.


I pledge to spend more time with my granddad who has a diagnosis of dementia and to not be `scared` of acting/being any different with him as I would do if he didn’t have the diagnosis.


I pledge I will promote dementia awareness everywhere I can and for as long as I can – Chris Roberts.


I pledge I will raise awareness of dementia in my local community, share stories, information with friends, family and church.


I pledge to find out about the individual before their condition.


I hope to pass on my knowledge and understanding of dementia when and where it may be needed.


I pledge to continue to be as passionate about raising awareness as I am about fundraising with my job – Emma Shaw.


I pledge to support dads care home more and hopefully help to improve it – Karen Caffrey.


I pledge to remember the lovely lady my Auntie Winnie was before she developed dementia – Suzanne.


I pledge to find out about the individual before their condition – Lorna Clough.


I pledge not to judge people by appearance but to listen and support when needed – Jacqueline Taylor.


I pledge to be that nurse or that consultant and make a carer believe they are doing a good job – Tanya Tomlinson.


I pledge to support and help people as much as I possibly can – Neil Maloney.


I pledge that I am going to make more of an effort to get to know and understand a person that has dementia.  I am going to be a dementia friend – Stacey Highton.


I pledge to share my knowledge or dementia, spreading awareness to my family, friends, colleagues and clients at work – Laura Newton.


I pledge to keep spreading the word that dementia is complicated, people need to talk about it more and awareness needs to spread – Martin.


I pledge to wear my badge and use it to “Pass on the word” – M.McLoughlin.


I pledge that I will promote an understanding of dementia with my family, friends, colleagues and the general public who I come across in my work role – Ann Lomax.


I pledge to make it clear to people in my life, community and work that I care and support them to have control when life offers challenges – Clare Roberts.


I pledge to be more aware and to listen and understand to help and not to see someone struggle and walk by – Susan Ford.


I pledge to be more tolerant and listen more – Jackie Astin.


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3



Special thanks to everyone who made a pledge.  Together lets Make a Difference.


Team Dementia Carer Voices.


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