A look back at the Glasgow Caledonian Uni Masterclass 2014

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Dementia Carer ,Tommy Whitelaw was invited to speak at this years Masterclass at Glasgow Caledonian University. It was a great pleasure and honour for Tommy to be given the opportunity. Tommy said

“I have had the great privilege to speak to many students over the last couple of years at the university and find them very inspiring. I was a very proud son to get the chance to present at the 2014 Masterclass”


We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took time to attend.  Special thanks to Chris and Andy for putting everything together on the day. # caring #kindness

Here are a collection of the photos took of the night. # youcanmakeadifference




IMG_5865 copy

IMG_5886 IMG_5891 IMG_5929 IMG_5940 IMG_5941 IMG_5952 IMG_5953 IMG_5954 IMG_5955 IMG_5959 IMG_5960 IMG_5963IMG_5988 IMG_5990

IMG_6003 IMG_6009

IMG_6012 IMG_6016

IMG_6017 IMG_6022


IMG_6058 IMG_6061 IMG_6066 IMG_6067

IMG_6080 IMG_6084 IMG_6088 IMG_6089 IMG_6093 IMG_6096 IMG_6113 IMG_6124 IMG_6127 IMG_6140 IMG_6145 IMG_6155 IMG_6157 IMG_6164 IMG_6173 IMG_6184 IMG_6187 IMG_6195

photo 4 photo





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