2nd Year Mental Health Students @GCU make their pledge



On the 11th April, 2nd Year Mental Health Students at Glasgow Caledonian University came to the end of their module called Recovery and Values Based Practice. This is a module where the students further develop their skills and examine their values base when working with service-users and their families. Central to the module is the students developing knowledge of the experience of people experiencing mental distress and of the families and others supporting them at this time. These students had already heard Tommy speak in their First Year here at GCU and we asked them to reflect on carers roles and experiences and given that Tommy’s work this year is focussed on ‘You Can Make a Difference,’ we asked students to make their own pledges for their future nursing career.

Andy Lowndes

Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing

School of Health and Life Sciences

Glasgow Caledonian University


Here they are:

I pledge to ask the person “How can I help you”.  Speak to people as people – person to person.  Person centeredness and do everything I can to help that person.

I pledge to work with people with the vision of recovery staying strong in my heart.  Understanding the person behind the illness so that they can be someone not just an illness.

I pledge as a student mental health nurse, (who will be qualified in 18 months by the way) to be confident in the skills and knowledge I have gained around recovery.  I will inspire people and provide hope.  I will always believe in recovery.

I pledge to believe I can achieve and look towards being a recovery orientated practitioner.

I pledge to have self-awareness so that I am able to look after myself and therefore be able to look after others.

I pledge to be more self-aware when communicating with service users.

I pledge to consider the importance of family support in recovery.

I pledge I will use my passion for mental health practice to not only challenge the negative attitudes and stigma associated with mental health, but also to inspire hope to every service user I may  COME across that recovery is possible.  Furthermore, I will stay open-minded and use the skills I possess to support service users and their families in every way possible.

I pledge to use my skills gained to become a recovery-oriented practitioner and to show my skills to other nurses, so that all can become recovery-oriented – Lisa-Marie Luke

I pledge to always encourage communication to break down barriers.

I pledge to not following the crowd sometimes other views need shared.

I pledge to care and respect individuals I support, always listen and understand.  Never make assumption and always to seek out strengths.  Always respect family members and ask are you ok?

I pledge to help towards changing negative attitudes promoting CHIME, and ensuring to be the best nurse I can be.

I pledge to keep in mind that human connection is the most important aspect of the job, which can be difficult due to time, paper work etc.  To keep connecting with people as human beings not “patient”, “services users”.

I pledge to be a recovery oriented practitioner in my future carer as a mental health nurse by supporting, encouraging and empowering service users on their journeys to recovery by using the skills in my toolbox to help them build their own toolbox and by listening to and appreciating carers and relatives who also need our support, which can help services users to remain connected to their families – Sheree Lynn

I pledge I will look to promote hope and optimism to give belief to recovery and challenge negative attitudes.

I pledge to be a non-judgemental nurse, who is able to listen effectively to services users.  I want to be able to know my limitations while working along with other staff members and service.  I want to be able to promote recovery.

I pledge to see service users as human beings and not just a diagnosis.  To instil hope, promote recovery and optimism.  To consider families and carers of services users.  I pledge to always use a strength based approach in my practice and to continue to grow through my practice.

I pledge to ensure I don’t become another person who loses sight as to why I want to become a “ROF” and will use support and guidance when needed to remain passionate.

I pledge to promote mental health and show others that absolutely anyone can “suffer” a mental health condition and will do to some extent in tier life.  To show people there is no shame in asking for help.  To never stop learning and to be excited about new things, embrace them – Jenny Smith

I pledge I will always treat the service users as a human being and not just as a patient who is unwell.

I pledge to practice with compassion and respect all patients and regard them as individuals and not their diagnosis.  As every patients journey is not the same, I will always remember and let the patients to be the drivers of their own care – Ahmed Ibrahim

I pledge to always listen take the time to listen to what someone is saying and ensure they are happy and comfortable.

I pledge to always remember why I am in the job, remember that is someone’s child, Nan, daughter, mother etc.  Be patient with their recovery – remember it’s their journey not yours.

I pledge I want to be a well read, contemporary, knowledgeable and skilled nurse.  I want to know what I am talking about – Chris McKay

I pledge that within my practice that I will continue to promote recovery and that I have respect and genuineness for patients and their families.  I also pledge that I will work to the best of my ability, as I can have such an impact on someone’s journey.  I pledge that I will never judge and hope that I can inspire society to understand mental health.  I also will pledge to continue to learn, study and grow to the best I can be.

I pledge to really listen.

I pledge to be a good genuine nurse.

I pledge to bring hope and optimism for recovery.

I pledge to involve families.

I pledge I will be a recovery orientated practitioner who is supportive of patients and their families.  I will inspire hope to recovery, I will also treat everyone as an individual and encourage and empower service users through their journey of recovery.  I will use my skills to listen and understand and help service users through their journey.

I pledge to practice as a recovery orientated practitioner of the future and use the skills I possess to motivate and inspire hope to service users that recovery is possible.  I will be approachable and supportive to patients, families and carers in every way possible by listening to them and allowing them to have a voice.  By doing this I hope to encourage all parties to become involved in the service users recovery journey.





Big thank you to everyone @GCU and Andy for their support in our new campaign #youcanmakeadifference

Team Dementia Carer Voices.

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