Make a Difference tour goes to Dumfries and Galloway 8th-10th April


Dementia Carer Voices team were really privileged to tour with NHSD&G for three days across the region.

It is with great thanks to Linda and Gladys for setting up the tour and for looking after us.  Together we held 10 events/talks  Dumfries, Annan and Stranraer.

This was a great partnership involving so many people and communities.   We met so many inspiring and caring people too many name them all.

Here are a few who made us welcome and touched our hearts along the way:

Hazel Borland, Mhairi Hastings, Donna, Pauline, Hazel Dykes, Brian Cluckie, Jane MacDonald, Lana Nicholson, Susie Sinclair and the team from Citizens Advise Dumfries and Galloway.


Big thanks to everyone who made a pledge to make a difference.


I pledge to listen and treat everyone as individuals – Billie Jo Fleming

I pledge to take time to listen to the family stories more

I pledge to listen to carers, learn from them and make sure I can do all I can to help make their lives and their loved ones lives that little bit easier.  Respecting dignity and feelings of all involved – Gina Orsi

I pledge to make a difference to any carer of the person with dementia.

I pledge to be “that district nurse” .  To take time with carers as well as the person with dementia – Lyn Todd

I pledge to continue to listen with my ears and eyes and to continue being that district nurse that makes a difference – Fiona Gibson

I pledge to treat every person with dementia and their carers with compassion, dignity and respect – Kirsty Ann Campbell

I pledge to listen to carers and where necessary ensure they are getting help.

I pledge to take my time listen to what I am being told.  Make a difference – Darren Riley

I pledge to see past the medical condition and really see the person – Bruce Watt

I pledge to continue to highlight and raise awareness of Dementia for those that don’t have a voice – Sam Johnston

I pledge to continue to make sure I know what makes the people I care for safe – Paul Thomas

I pledge to care for my mum to the best of my ability.  She cared and nurtured me and it is the least I can do for my amazing and wonderful mum.

I pledge to continue to listen to people in my professional role and to continue to love and care for my granny in the way she deserves.

I pledge I will continue to listen with love as well as my ears – Jane McDonald

I pledge that I will never turn anyone away from my door because that is not my policy – Kelly Kink

I pledge to hopefully be that consultant or district nurse – Liz Murphie

I pledge to spend time asking more about the person before their illness.

I pledge I will try my best – Scott Taylor

I pledge to always get to know the person and their love story, and to ask what will make them smile today.

I pledge to be more thoughtful and supportive to give my time more generously to support people and cares in the grips of dementia.

I pledge to be the person who listens’ and has compassion – Heather McIntyre

My pledge is a personal one but counts for anyone that I may come in contact…..  I pledge to ask my Gran how she is and what I can do to help to support her in caring for my Grandpa who has been diagnosed with dementia (not sure what stage or kind because I haven’t asked) I also pledge to learn what matters to my Grandpa so when it gets to the stage where he can’t make the decision himself I can answer the question ‘what would he want’. – Rebecca Henderson

I pledge I will always try my best to give help where I can whilst trying to understand what the person really needs – Hazel Dykes

My pledge is: To treat everyone with the same understanding, respect and dignity that I would treat my own family – Amy Beck


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