The Link Work Programme at the ALLIANCE make their pledge to Dementia Carer Voices





Dementia Carer Voices met with the Link Workers here at the ALLIANCE on 13th of March.  Our very own Tommy Whitelaw shared the story of his mum Joan and told them that they CAN make a difference.  Tommy asked the team to make some pledges in the hope of changing peoples lives, just like the nurse had helped him on his journey.  Its the little changes that can make all the difference, taking the time to listen and showing you care.

Here Tommy shows his short film he made in 2011 in conjunction with Alzheimer’s Scotland


You can follow the link to view the film:

The film and Tommy`s story made such an inspiration impact that the team went onto making a team and individual pledges.  The journey of making a pledge started with a brainstorming session by the team over the last week.  At the end they agreed on one pledge of how they will make a difference.

Glasgow City-20140328-00318

The Link Work Programme here at the ALLIANCE made their own team pledge to Dementia Carer Voices this week.


Individual pledges.

I pledge to show genuine kindness and empathy to everyone I meet with dementia and their carers – Jeanette Donnelly

I pledge to listen. To ensure that quality of life and dignity are maintained and the main objectives for sufferers and their carers – June Nye

I pledge to support Link Practitioners in their learning around building supportive networks for carers and people with dementia. Power of community is important – Chris Gourley

I pledge to listen and use my experience to help others. I hope I always remember my mums love story – Roseann Logan

I pledge to make everyone smile within my new role, by doing my best to support them, as everyone has a smile waiting to happen – Margaret Ann Prentice


Big thanks to Mark and the Link Worker team at the ALLIANCE on supporting Dementia Carer Voices in our You Can Make a Difference campaign.

If you would like to find out more about the Link Worker Programme at the ALLIANCE please visit:

Also if you would like to make a pledge to assist in that little change to help others then send them to us at:


Thank you as always

Team Dementia Carer Voices




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