Dementia Carer Voices @ Glasgow Caledonian University 19th March

Many thanks to Lesley McNab, Lecturer in the Department of Nursing and Community Health for organising Wednesday’s event and all of the first year mental health students who attended and left their personal pledges to “Make a Difference”.


I pledge to provide more quality time and interactions for my patients, carers and family members.

I pledge to never underestimate the power of simple human kindness in the circle of life.

I pledge I will take time to listen to the individual living with dementia and their carers to better their way of living. Nicole Somerville

I pledge to make life better to everyone who is suffering or caring that is why I came onto this course. Andrew McAlpine

I pledge to listen and support the individuals, their families and carers that I meet and care for. Value the individual for who they are. Continue the love story. Angela Fleming

I pledge to listen and always show compassion; inspire others and give hope. Claire Morrow

I pledge to always ask how the person is feeling each day. Emma 0`Donnell

I pledge to listen and be as compassionate to every individual I can, no matter how busy and always try to make a difference. Lorraine Miller

I pledge to see the person first, not the illness. And to remember that carers are also living with dementia, and they need someone to listen. Catherine-Ann

I pledge to always offer the best support that I can for families in order to give them the best experience they can have getting support. And I pledge to listen, always, to everything that people have to say. I want people to truly feel cared for about and that they are really loved. Gillian Kennedy

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be and give the best possible care I can give. Natalia Friel

I pledge to be the nurse that brings hope to people’s lives. Elaine Cahill

I pledge to see the person as a person and not an illness, also to listen to who the person is. Kirsteen Burns

I pledge to listen to every patient I can in the ward I work, and find out who they are, not just their diagnosis. Catriona Hall

I pledge to listen and try and understand each individual person and how they feel. Danielle Galbraith

I pledge to find out about the people I support in order to care for them in a meaningful way.  Andrew Holwill

I pledge to always be “that nurse who listened.” Gemma Forbes

I pledge to take the time to listen to peoples aspirations, needs and wants. Keila

I pledge to continue your beautiful honest work within nursing and my daily life. Christine Graham

I pledge to become a wonderful and caring carer and want others to be so. Abu Banguro

I pledge to become the best Mental Health Nurse I can and support mu clients and family. Mark McGaw

I pledge I will make sure to take the time to help people living with dementia to have a positive outlook on their lives. Corin Waddell

I pledge to listen and take the time to be there for them. It’s like being lost in a dark vacuum and all someone wants is a hand/light in the darkness. Nuzhat Flanagan

I pledge to be a positive influence on people throughout their dementia journey and offer support/guidance to their carers. Jaqueline Glasgow

I pledge to be there for patient and cares, give support and listen. Karen Kerr

I pledge as a student nurse I hope to keep going the love story of my patients by listening and being my best nurse I can. Caroline Achieng Oningu

I pledge to never forget that each person had been loved, has loved, and that I have the opportunity to find out. Sebastian Monteux

I pledge to listen with open ears/open heart/open mind and to do all I can do. I want to be a person who changes people’s lives and help them to live. Heather McNeil

I pledge to always remember Joan and Tommy Whitelaw`s story throughout my career. Ashley Armstrong

I pledge to make the most of all my time with each individual person and their families no matter how little and let them all know that we do care and want to help. Erin Donaghy

I pledge to take the time to see person and carers as individuals providing person centred care. Emma Boyne

I pledge to never discuss someone with a diagnosis of dementia as being a burden on me or my time in practice. Kirsten Chalmers

I pledge to always listen and make sure people don’t feel alone. Emma Bowie

@LISAMCDONALD88:Turning tragedy in to love stories inspirational talk by @tommyNtour pledged to be that smile in a corridor and a positive listening ear!!

@dan070184: @tommyNtour  an inspiring talk today at GCU from @tommyNtour my pledge is 2 listen to each individual and hear their needs and their carers

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