Dementia Carer Voices Visits Queen Margaret University 7th March 2014

Special thanks to all who came to see Dementia Carer Voices speak at QMU on Friday and to those who made a pledge!



I pledge to take every opportunity to listen to patients/families/carers/friends and provide them with a friendly and caring face they can always find comfort – Karen Rennie

I Pledge to listen, to touch, to care and take time to know who you were and help to find out what you need, just to ask!

I pledge to listen, care, give more time for those that need listening too – Hamed Mutahar

I pledge to care for people to the best of my ability to recognise and talk to those who care for others day in day out and ask what I can do – Chelsea Agate

I pledge to widen my knowledge of dementia in order to provide the best care for someone and to share my knowledge with their carer to help them understand – Gemma Murrie

I pledge to promote the best quality of life for the patient to the best of my ability, remember the patients individual preferences – Shannen Lamb

I pledge to ask how I can help not only in the present but in the future – Emma Hay

I pledge to listen and help as much as I possibly can

I pledge to change people’s lives that I care for, not just for their benefit but for their families

I pledge that during my clinical time as a student nurse that I will provide support and a caring attitude towards families, carers and everyone

I pledge to ask the questions that matter, how are you today and what will you need tomorrow, and to listen to both patient and carers – Stephen McHale

I pledge to remember that people with dementia are people – Gareth Pocock

I pledge to continue to treat people and patients as individuals and try through my work lecturing too instil this in others, future nurses – Lesley McKinlay

I pledge to realise the human behind the illness of dementia – John P.G.McNeill

I pledge to listen to people and find out what they and their family needs and find out who they are – Steph Mudie

I pledge to remember this talk and that my gran with Alzheimer’s and my Grandad, her carer both still need us – Ellen Lamond

I pledge to try and understand people more both carers and sufferers and to try to make them smile and make a difference on battling illness. – Anne Higginson

I pledge to be the one to ask, listen and be there for both people with dementia and their careres – to make a difference! – Erin Wardlaw

I pledge to become the inspirational nurse that Tommy described and always keep this talk in mind – Jasmine Leighton

I pledge to make my patients and their cares smile, like Tommy has done – Catriona Ingram

I pledge to take the time to listen and see people as people and not just dementia sufferers – Hannah Crilly

I pledge to take time to listen to the patient and carers needs and give the best care I can – Fay Stewart

I pledge to spend my time on placement trying to make people with dementia feel as safe and comfortable as possible – Hanne-Mari Lie Johansen

I pledge to be kind, patient and bring love back into homes.  To listen, to hear, to help.  I pledge to care

I pledge to lend a hand and an ear to all those who cross my path in my future as a nurse.  To always see someone for who they are not what they have – Frances Watson

I pledge I will never “not have enough time as a nurse” My grandma forgot me but I will NEVER forget her. –  Miriam Hunsley

I pledge to ask and more importantly listen to carers, people with dementia and their families.  To improve my understand and ultimately care – Arran Gillis

I pledge to remember the person behind dementia and those who if affects – Dementia doesn’t only affect the sufferer – Jenny Kirkwood

I pledge I will try to identify socially isolated carers before a crisis arises and offer them the support of the district nursing scheme – Jacqueline Forsyth

I pledge to take an extra few minutes when visiting people to ask how they are and their family are

Remember you to can make a pledge to

Thank you

Dementia Carer Voices


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One comment on “Dementia Carer Voices Visits Queen Margaret University 7th March 2014
  1. […] Tommy had the great privilege to speak to the students last year before they left for placement. You can read all the pledges from last years visit here […]

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