Dementia Carer Voices final day in NHS Grampian

Pledges from final day of the tour at Robert Gordon University – Thank you to all that took the time to make a pledge #youcanmakeadifference brilliant end to a fantastic week, meeting so many people.  Once again thanks to all who arranged the 3 days # caring

Final day 4 talks Robert Gordon university nursing students

Tommy and Robert Gordon University Nursing Students

I pledge to tell folk people living with dementia are not challenging they are scared.  Spend time to listen which will help you understand

I pledge to listen and take the time to understand the situations of both the individual and carer/family.  Needs to be further awareness of issues surrounding mental health – Nikki Drummond

I pledge to ask the person and their carer “what would make it better for you” – Anges

I pledge to do everything in my power to help and support

I will listen to people to understand their individual needs so I can give the best care – Susan Ramsay

I pledge to help provide people get what they want from life – not only what they need

I pledge to try to make each day better for those with dementia

I pledge to approach each individual holistically as each and every person is different in their own right – Chelsey Boyd

I pledge to try my best to help make my parents lives as best as I can and to listen to their needs and those of their carers and families – Katy Berston

I pledge to listen to patients individual needs so I can understand how nest to help them with what they feel they need – Fiona Munro

I pledge to influence the next generation of nurse to listen and really care.  Nurses are in a privileged position of influence to make a difference – Katrina Whittingham

I pledge to always take the time away from the patient to tell the carer what an amazing job they are doing

I pledge to take more of my time to get to know my patients and especially their carers and families to understand more how I can help them – R Acheson

I pledge to listen and care for the person as if they are my mum or dad – Kirsty Hulse

I pledge to ensure I always take the time to listen and ask how I can help – Barbara Beattie

I pledge to listen, care and speak to carers and families.  I have a chance to make a difference and will – Joanna Jackson

I pledge to treat the person as I would wish to be treated – Lesley C McIntosh

I pledge to see the person not the illness and to treat people with dementia and their carers with love, kindness, dignity and respect – Barry Wright

I pledge to raise money and awareness for dementia by completing a triathlon – Gavin O`Brien

I pledge to visit my neighbour whose wife has dementia – I have never met either of them – Dorothy Adam

I pledge to always listen to those caring for people with dementia – Liza Sinclair

I pledge to always do my best to give everyone I meet the best care possible – Sinead Cowman

I pledge to care to the best of my ability and always listen to my patients and carers – Deirdre Crawley

I pledge to treat everyone and family that I meet as individuals and make time for everyone who is finding it difficult and scared

I pledge to recognise when someone is scared and to help them as much as I can – Frith O`Connor

I pledge to always treat patients the same way I should want my loved ones treated – Jacqueline Strachan

My pledge – Being a nurse is so important to me as I want to nurse the elderly to make a difference to those suffering from dementia.  I have witnessed both grandparents suffering bad care due to their dementia – Karla Fowlie

I pledge that I will do all I can to follow and join in the fight for dignity.  I am always scared but always motivated – Christine Johnston

I pledge to never ignore a person who is dealing with dementia, carer, patient or family – Kristopher Chalmers

I pledge to improve person centred care in the future and to give people the best possible care – Emma Haney

I pledge everyone will strive to be the best they can be – Charlotte Robertson

I pledge hold your hand you’re not alone… put the kettle on – Emma Jones

I pledge to continue my studies at RGU and enhance my knowledge and care for people and families with dementia – Keith Raymond

I pledge to listen to give all the help I can and to listen for as long as they need – Niamh Egan

I pledge to remember that listening, understanding and kindness are key – Catherine Webber

I pledge to always listen with compassion – Aidan Robertson

I pledge to open my arms to anyone who needs comforting, just so they know that there is someone who cares – Nicole

I am one of the nursing students that attended one of your talks at RGU today.  I start my first placement on Monday and am going to keep your story in mind when helping patients and carers.

I pledge to see people as the person they have always been, and to see the name, not the illness. Also, to always do my best to maintain their dignity and individuality – Savannah Copland

I pledge to listen, care and support the people I meet and recognise their individual footsteps they have taken through life – Zara Sutcliffe

@RCareyNHSG: @tommyNtour Tommy, you inspired us all. My mum had dementia and passed away last month -everything you said about your mum touched a chord.

@sarahcamp1811: @tommyNtour don’t be sorry AT ALL! You never know, making me cry might of been the extra motivation I needed to be the nurse I hope to be!

@_heyitsgem: Such an amazing presentation at RGU today @tommyNtour you had me in tears. You have done exceptional and you should be extremely proud x

@_heyitsgem: Without people like @tommyNtour our health care services wouldn’t be the way they are. He is so inspirational. Such a strong character.

@KerryMcFlynn: Still thinking about how touching the presentation from @tommyNtour was today at uni! Completely inspiring, what an amazingly brave man

@sarahcamp1811: Heartfelt talk from @tommyNtour today at uni, really an eye opener and such a amazing person for the work he’s done! #respect #hadmecrying

@LaurenGerrard_: @nicole_cook_ @tommyNtour cried my eyes out! Such an inspirational story!

@nicole_cook_: seriously moved by the talk we had at uni today about dementia, thank you @tommyNtour for making me think about the smaller things in life

@HeatherBain9: @tommyNtour emotional session, challenge to hold it together. Great to talk to you. Thanks #dementia #personcentred

@rgumscadn: @tommyNtour great to hear your experience and that the district nurse made a difference #districtnursing

@nicole_cook_: had a talk about dementia from this guy at uni today. watch this video, it’s so sad how many people are affected

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  1. […] Tommy has the great honour to speak at the university back In 2014, you can reach the pledges from the last visit here. […]

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