Dementia Carer Voices in NHS Grampian – Day 1

Thanks to Heather Tennant from NHS Grampian and Una Lyon from Robert Gordon University, this week Dementia Carer Voices Project Engagement Lead Tommy Whitelaw has been touring various venues across the Grampian area to engage with staff working within the health and social care sectors.

Many thanks to everyone who has attended yesterday’s events and left a pledge to “make a difference.” If you are interested in reading these pledges, please see below!

Day 1
Tuesday 26th February
Presentation to the board NHS Grampian
Presentation to the NHS Grampian Board
Aberdeen Royal infirmary 25th Feb 1
Staff from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Geriatric Medicine Student Society
Presentation to the Geriatric Medicine Student Society
Pledges from day one – Thank you to all that took the time to make a pledge #youcanmakeadifference

I pledge I will continue to be caring, companionate and take time to listen – Helena Collins

I pledge to continue treating people like individuals just because they have dementia.  Speak to them even if they can’t talk back as each person should be treated like an individual – Lindsey Coutts

I pledge to listen and support carers more.  The carers need more support – Irene Dow

I pledge to take the time to listen to family concerns and worries and provide help and support – Laura McAdam

I pledge to treat everyone as an individual providing care that is essential while providing support

I pledge to continue to make my patients feel as safe and as comfortable as I possibly can – Anita Webster

I pledge to take time to listen and care for patient and carer

I pledge to listen and help if possible.  People work hard and deserve the best care possible.  More help needed and definitely more help for carers – Edna Ross

I pledge to be there for my dad – Isobel Townsend

I pledge taking more time to work (Physio) to really get to know the patient and their family.  Time pressures at work can make this very difficult but I pledge to make it a priority

I pledge to give my time and experience within the community to assist, listen and help sufferers and carers – Joanna Magee

I pledge to continue to support the person centred agenda, carers, family and staff –Jude Scott

I pledge to listen even more to carers and patients – Margaret Collacott

I pledge to listen to families and carers to find out how I can enable them to continue loving and caring

I pledge to always treat individuals with dignity, respect and to support carers

I pledge to take the time to listen to people, take the time to understand and help, even if only in some small way – Natasha Burke

I pledge to think of the carers as much as the patient – Fiona Dickson

I pledge to think about all those affected by dementia and to make them feel safe – Fiona Steel

I pledge to allow people to air their views without being told what to do – Philip Haylett

I pledge to treat everyone like an individual and give them the support they need – Helen Moar

I pledge to continue to always care

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