“You Can Make A Difference” in NHS Fife

Many thanks to Helen Skinner, Alzheimer Scotland Professional Development Nurse for inviting Dementia Carer Voices Project Engagement Lead Tommy Whitelaw to bring the “You Can Make A Difference” tour to NHS Fife yesterday (19/02).
As well as speaking to staff about his carer experience, Tommy also presented certificates to NHS Fife Nursing Assistants who recently completed their Stirling Dementia Centre Best Practice in Dementia Course. The event was also broadcast via video conference, with around 100 staff from Queen Margaret and St Andrews Community Hospital also taking part.
NHS Fife Associate Director of Nursing, Lynn Campbell said: “It has been a great privilege to welcome Tommy to the Fife today.
“Having heard Tommy’s experiences from his perspective has resonated with all of us, both on a personal level and in our professional roles, and shows how we can make a real difference to those with Dementia and their carers.”


I pledge I will make a difference by trying to ensure that our services are at all times dementia friendly – John Wilson Chief Executive NHS Fife

I pledge to pass on to my colleagues, together we can listen and make the difference. Lynda Kearney

I pledge to continue to drive to ask patients, their families and the public we serve, what matters to them rather than what is the matter with them. I pledge also to make sure that we ask everyone, and not exclude those who we falsely believe cannot be asked or will not want to be asked. Dr. Scott McLean, Director of Nursing

I will make a personal pledge to use my own experience of caring for someone with Dementia to offer more of my support to a neighbour who is now experiencing  life as a Carer for someone with Dementia.

I will make a personal pledge to encourage as many people as possible in NHS Fife to make their own pledge.  Lynn Campbell

I promise to listen more, ask more and try to be of more help to the family. Sheila Cross

I will constantly strive to be a positive role model for student nurses, service providers, carers and all members of the public when interacting with people with dementia.

I will endeavour to base my working practice on the principles of Scotland’s Dementia Strategy, Standards of Care for people with Dementia and Promoting Excellence – A Framework for health and social care staff working with people with dementia.

Even more significantly I will show compassion towards my patients and their carers. Gemma Couper

I pledge to listen to families and support them to continue their caring role for as long as they want and are able. Elinor Campbell

I Pledge to support carers, keeping them informed of supports and services available. I will inform the carers they are enhancing the dementia sufferers quality of life everyday. Diane Scott

I pledge to continually improve the services for people with dementia, their family and their carers. I will promote the importance of person centred care and encourage all staff to see / get to know the person and not the diagnosis. I will continue to share my knowledge and expertise with everyone I work, so that we provide the best possible care for people living with dementia in Fife. Helen Skinner



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