“You Can Make A Difference” @ RCN Lothian Branch

Royal College of Nursing Scotland – Lothian Branch

Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Monday 17th February 2014

17.02.14 RCN Scotland

I pledge to continue to teach students about dementia to make them into the best possible nurses I can.

I pledge that as a lecturer and mental health nurse that I will continue to teach my students about the importance of person centred care, and the importance of service user and carer inclusion in their care – especially in dementia.

To help a person affected by illness and their carer who is in a distressed state is part of the reason I am training to be a nurse. If I make a difference in one person’s life then 3 years training will be entirely worthwhile. I’m here because I care.¬†Victoria, First Year Nursing Student

I am a first year mental health student, 4 weeks into my first placement . . . . currently questioning whether I have chosen the right path. I now know, I absolutely have. I pledge to try my utmost to be that person, the person who listens, who knows and who understands!!

As a nurse I will strive to be the voice of people with dementia in a care setting and I will teach this to others.

I pledge to do my best every day for everyone I meet.

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