“You Can Make A Difference” @ University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh, School of Health in Social Science

Monday, 3rd February 2014

University of Edinburgh

I pledge to do my best in supporting and helping people with dementia and their families. Jill Reid

I will strive to make a difference in the lives of anyone affected by dementia. Nicola McKenzie

I will make a difference to every individual I come across who are affected by dementia. Claire McGowan

To listen with open ears and an open heart.

I pledge to make a difference to those affected by dementia. Mairi Rankin

I shall raise awareness of dementia as an ‘ostrich purple angel ambassador’. Linda Finnigan

I am a student social worker who is aiming to work with older people services. I pledge to ensure I listen, learn and support people who experience dementia. I pledge to be the social worker who makes the difference. Aileen Coyle

I pledge to make a difference to all people with dementia. Gillian Crondisa

Pledge to work our best. Olivia Hearman and Jill Reid

ALL people need to CARE. Rose Jonston

Hoping to help in the future. Geoff Sage

Caring for people with dementia is all our responsibility. I pledge to help. Liz Nolly

Thank you for talking about what should be the ingredients of our health service – KINDNESS.

I promise to make a difference as an Occupational Therapist to make a difference in the lives of those individuals who have dementia.

Thank you for your talk. You are an inspiration and I will certainly remember your story when I am in practice. Your mum would be very proud! Good Luck. Daniela Lummi

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