“You Can Make A Difference” @ Abertay University

University of Abertay

Thursday 6th February 2014


I like to think I can make a difference as a new Mental Health Nurse and to be there not only for the patients but their carers too. To listen and care about their needs. Cheryl Willis

I promise to never forget the person behind the illness. Leanne Flynn

I promise to; show love and kindness towards my clients, show empathy and help in any way that I can and to make a difference in people’s lives. Abidemi Taiwo

I promise to care for the person and get to know the person they once were and are now, and take the time rather than only treat the symptoms of dementia. Katie Garrigan

I pledge to care for anyone who has dementia in a way that shows that they are a whole dignified person who deserves the highest standard of care. B.C

I pledge to discover the person behind the presenting condition, bringing the human element back to nursing practice. Ross Millar

As a Social Worker I pledge to do the best I can for my service users. Listening, empathising, supporting and intervening before crisis point. Donna Winkler

I promise that during my nursing career I will ensure that I care and love and show great respect and compassion for the people and families I am caring for. I will make sure I listen to people and make sure they receive the care I would want myself, or for anyone else. Alison Connelly

I promise to treat everyone that I can with the kindness they deserve, the respect they should have and the time and support they need. Tabitha Bruce

As I approach the start of my nursing career I promise to remember there is a person behind the dementia and to always try to find out who this is and what is important to them. Marian Wallace

I promise to ensure that I always listen to the patient’s voice and story. Kerry Gray

I promise to remember why I came into nursing in the first place, to help people feel even a little bit better. Ruairi

I promise to listen, care and love. Karen D

I promise to make a difference for individuals experiencing dementia and their families by listening to their personal likes and dislikes, taking the time to speak to carers/families to provide sufficient support and resources to makes their lives as fulfilling as possible. Analysse Platt

I pledge to listen, make time to attend to individual client needs.

It is important to get to know a person. What is best for them? What makes them smile? Not a person with dementia. Listen, time and understanding can make a difference. Fatou

I promise that when a new person with dementia comes in to the nursing home where I work, I will aim to find out every important detail of their life. I will make them feel safe, listen to them and care for them with the best of my ability. I will allow them to be the person they always were. Naomi Purves

I pledge to show love to people living with dementia and show them that they are as loved as everyone else. K.O

I pledge to listen to others when in need of help and do my utmost best for the carer and the individual. S Loughey

I pledge as a future Mental Health Nurse to be able to help my patients and their carers in every possible way. I will listen to them and help them to get all the support they will need. Ruth Boateng

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3 comments on ““You Can Make A Difference” @ Abertay University
  1. […] the University of Abertay last week. As the very first stop on the Make a Difference tour where we gathered some wonderful pledges, it was brilliant to return and spread the message to this year’s first year […]

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