“You Can Make a Difference” : Online Pledges

I am a Dementia Friend and I am attending “Dementia Champions Training” 4th Feb 2014 in Birmingham… I will make a difference and will strive to do further briefings to support a dementia Awareness !!!
On a personal level and as a representative of Bcda Birmingham Care Development Agency.
Dementia is everyone’s business.  Sue Ebanks

I pledge to spend one day a month in 2014 working towards a Dementia Friendly Stroud.Rose Harwood

My pledge is to get to the end of every week feeling proud that I have done at least one thing that will make a positive difference. Linda McKechnie

Hi Tommy

Not sure in what form a pledge should but I pledge my continued support for you personally….I will retweet, re share from Facebook and mention you in every awareness talk or chat I do.

I pledge to give time to our local care home in the new community day care centre. I intend to help them develop activities and Carer drop in days so I can help people to engage and encourage each other along the caring pathway.

You and your Bonny wee mum truly are my inspiration and hope for the future. Kim Pennock.

I will listen, think, help, support and the most important empathise. Lisa Holland

I pledge to continue to share my experiences of my father’s 19 years with vascular dementia to help support other families, inform and educate health and care professionals and the wider population, promote debate and create improvements in dementia care. Beth Britton


I pledge to keep on talking to and engaging those living with dementia.

To keep on searching for innovative ways to improve the quality of lives for those affected by the disease, be them family or the person living with dementia.

I pledge to do what i can to create a dementia friendly community so others understand. Tony Upward

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2 comments on ““You Can Make a Difference” : Online Pledges
  1. I have now been searching like crazy for a site such as this that had exactly what I was looking for. I definitely will share this on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing our blog, much appreciated.

    Team DCV x

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